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What up guys!

I'm going to start sharing my favorite 2020 Moto Kits that you've seen me wearing on YouTube videos & IG Posts so that you can get the best motocross gear for yourself. Nothing better than looking fresh when you're doing what you love... riding!

So here is one of my favorites: The Shift Racing Black Label Flo Yellow Kit.

(And if you want to swoop up some of this gear for yourself, you can click on any of the links below!)



My favorite part of this kit is the Flo Yellow Jersey. It's light weight and super comfortable. It's made from that super stretchy material that allows for maximum movement and no restrictions, which is definitely needed when riding. It also breathes well so you get good airflow out there in the heat. And of course it goes perfectly with the matching Moto Pants.

And if you choose Shift gear, you have to go with the Fox Helmet and Boots. To me it's the perfect combo. Most of the time, if you mix match gear companies, you kind of look like a squid lol, but the SHIFT/FOX combo is FIRE!


So the helmet I use with this gear is the Fox Racing Idol V3 in Light Grey and Red. Has all the newest safety features and technology, plus it looks sick with the rest of the colors! 


And with this kit, I love wearing the Flame Red Fox Racing Instinct Boots to accent the red sleeves in the jersey.


And you always gotta have the gloves to match just right, so I chose the Red Shift Black Label Air Gloves.  The red gloves have became a thing this past year for sure. When your gloves match your boots or goggles, it just looks cool!

Also, with gloves I like to wear the thin ones so I can feel the bars better. Plus I don't get arm pump as bad with those ones. These ones fit super tight all the way around with no added pads in the palm, which I highly prefer!


Then we have the Moto goggles, and I'm always rocking the Spy Optics. These ones are their new Spy Foundation Moto Goggles and they look so good with the red mirrored lenses. I don't like anyone to see my eyes when I'm riding, so I always rocking the mirrored lenses.

Knee Braces

And one thing I never go out on the track without is my Knee Brace Pants and my Asterisk Carbon Fiber Knee Braces.

Not only do you want do you want to look sick out of the track, most importantly you want to be safe. So make sure you've got all you need to keep you safe. Knee injuries are really common in moto. So I highly recommend wearing braces. 


So as you can see, this kit looks super sick on my White Husky with the red plates, but it still looks hard on Twitch's all Red Honda I was riding out in Cali. You can also check out that video below!

So hope this was helpful. I'm going to start doing this from time to time so you can get your moto gear on point and start looking like a PRO! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Catch you in the next one!





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